1300 People Displaced by Landslide Residents in Cianjur


1300 People Displaced by Landslide Residents in Cianjur

The heavy rain that occurred in Cianjur, West Java and the unstable soil structure has resulted in the movement of the land. Water that continues to fill the cracks of the soil causes a landslide disaster. This disaster occurred precisely in the Waringinsari Village, Takokak Subdistrict, Cianjur District of West Java Province on Sunday, October 1, 2017 at 5:30 pm.

Based on Health Crisis Center data , 138 homes were heavily damaged, 103 homes were damaged, 139 houses were lightly damaged, 420 houses were threatened by landslides and 800 households (2,400 people) were affected.

In addition, there are also public facilities that are affected by landslides which are 3 units of moderate school damage, 14 units of lightly damaged mosques, 18 units of moderately damaged mosque, 3 irrigation channels seriously damaged, 1 unit of clean water facilities belonging to Ponpes Riyadul Muthadin heavily damaged, 5 dotted roads and 1 road closed.

About 1300 residents have to evacuate because their houses are worried to be damaged and also fear of aftershocks. The refugees spread at several points such as the village hall, madrasah, nearest neighbors and at their relative houses.

The related agencies continue to evacuate the community and also continue to provide logistical support to the community. In addition, Cianjur District has also set the status of emergency response of landslide disaster on 1-7 October 2017.