2 People Dies From Fire in Buleleng


2 People Dies From Fire in Buleleng

There has been a fire on house residents in Penarukan Village precisely W.R Supratman Street No.29 Buleleng District, Bali on Wednesday, October 11, 2017 early morning at 01:50 am. As a result of the incident 1 unit house burned and resulted in 2 people who still one family died. The dead victims are known as mothers and children, the next victim evacuated to RSUD Singaraja.

Singaraja Town Police Chief confirmed the incident, it has received a report about fire incident that killed two people. Currently the cause of the fire is still unknown. Allegedly fire caused by electric short circuit.

The Forensics Lab Bali Police Team is still investigating the fire. But from the living room of the victim"s house was found many electronic objects, this could be the initial allegation of fire originated. Because it could be a cable from one of the electronics are short circuited and cause fire sparks.

According to witnesses, fire started with an explosion heard from the victim"s home. After that the fire immediately burned the whole house. because the condition of the house filled with flammable goods, the fire getting bigger