38 Houses Damaged by Landslides in Lebak, Banten


38 Houses Damaged by Landslides in Lebak, Banten

A landslide disaster can not be predicted when it will happen. for people living in the red zone prone to landslides need to be wary of this disaster especially when entering the rainy season. high rainfall with long intensity will trigger the occurrence of this disaster. So that people need to be alert to the movement of land that caused landslide disaster.

On January 19th, 2017 there has been a disaster of land movement or landslide in Gunungsari Village, Banjarsari District, Lebak District, Banten Province. At various points of the village experienced land movement and consequently 38 units of damaged houses. The incident happened at 4:00 am early morning.

The area is indeed washed down by heavy rain for three consecutive days. This becomes the trigger for landslide disaster. As a result of some roads there are also collapsed and also damaged houses.

The residents were immediately evacuated to a safe place. There were no fatalities in the incident, but 263 residents had to flee. The officers immediately evacuate the collapsed roads. Residents are still evacuating to safety because it is feared there will be aftershocks because heavy rain still occurs in the region.