4 Step Preparing for Flood Disaster


4 Step Preparing for Flood Disaster

Flood disaster is almost happening in every region of Indonesia. This disaster seems to have become a subscription when the rainy season arrives. Masayrakat must be more vigilant in the face of this disaster, because the floods that occur can disrupt the activities can even cause health problems. Therefore, it"s good we have to be more sprightly in the face of floods.

Flooding becomes the worst risk during the rainy season. For those living in the flood-prone areas should have preparation and anticipatory action. Here are the anticipatory and rescue actions in the event of a flood.

Keep securities in the top cabinet
Usually people will store goods and important documents in the drawers or cabinets. But it is better not to save at the bottom to reduce the risk of flooding. It"s a good idea to keep securities in suitcases or water-resistant places, making it easier to save if you have to leave home when the floods come.

Secure power lines and electronics
To prevent electrical short circuit, it is better to remove electronic items from the outlet. Keep your socket in a high position so that it can not reach the water when the flood comes.

Rescue of sick or elderly family members
When there are members of your family who are sick or elderly, it must require extra careful handling. You must set up access and prioritize them to be saved first.

Search for neighborhood information
You should seek up-to-date information about the flooding conditions in your area. Usually when the floods come, the environmental apparatus is already working with certain citizens and social institutions to respond to disasters.