47 People Died Due to Explosion at Firecrackers Factory


47 People Died Due to Explosion at Firecrackers Factory

There has been a fire accompanied by an explosion at a firecracker factory at Komplek Pergudangan 99, Salembaran Jaya Street, Cengklong Village, Kosambi Subdistrict, Tangerang District on Thursday October 24, 2017. The fire took place in the firecracker and fireworks sheds. As a result of the incident 47 people died and dozens more injured. Victims are employees who are working in the factory.

At the time of the incident, local residents were surprised to hear the explosion which was quite loud. After that, the smoke soaring in followed by fireworks that come on. The Workers who are in immediate location to save themselves.

According to police, workers were locked inside the factory at the time of the incident. Maybe they"re used to working while the door is locked. At the time of the most of the workers were yelling and banging doors. because the door is locked from within, many workers are having trouble getting out. Therefore, workers can not save themselves from the explosion in the firecracker factory.

Furthermore, the victims were immediately taken to Kramatjati Police Hospital, East Jakarta for identification process. While the survivors were rushed to RS BUN, RSUD Tangerang and Mitra Husada Hospital.