7.2 SR earthquake in North Sulawesi, January 10th 2017


7.2 SR earthquake in North Sulawesi, January 10th 2017

Earthquake occurred in North Sulawesi with a strength of 7.2 SR and 629 km depth on January 10th , 2017 At 13:13. The earthquake centered at sea 332 km Northwest of Sangihe Islands and not bringing potential tsunami warning.

Based on monitoring from BMKG for one hour, there is one aftershock with power of 5.3 SR. Nevertheless, until now there have been no reports of casualties or damage caused by the earthquake.

The earthquake was also felt in Ternate, Bitung, Gorontalo, Manado and Sula Islands (II-III MMI), Palu, Balikpapan, Tarakan and Berau (III MMI) and Poso, Toli-toli, Naha (III-IV MMI). This is in accordance with the results of shock level analysis (shakemap) and also reports from the community received by BMKG.

Communities are encouraged to remain calm and follow the progress information through local BPBD and BMKG, and so as not to be hooked on issues that are not responsible. The public is also expected to remain alert to a possible aftershocks that may occur with less power in general.