A streak accident in Malang, 4 people died


A streak accident in Malang, 4 people died

An accident happened on August 25, 2017, involving cargo truck, public transportation and private vehicle at Karang Ploso Street, Girimoyo Village, Karanploso Subdistrict, Malang District. The accident began when cargo truck traveling from the West to the East was suspected speeding, when arrived on the scene, the truck encountered brake failure and at the same time from the same there was an MPU (Mikrolet) .

Cargo truck driver can not control the speed of the vehicle so that crashed from behind the vehicle MPU after that crashed Isuzu Panther who drove from the opposite direction. In addition, the truck also crashed other eight motorcycles.

This accident resulted in the death of 2 people, 2 other people died during the treatment at Prasetya Husada Hospital at Karangploso and 1 person heavy injuried and 10 others minor injuried.

Meanwhile, cargo truck driver who had a deadly accident in this incident was arrested by the police. the driver was known as Iwan Prasetyo (28 years old), a resident of Gadang, Malang City.

At the time of the incident, the driver had time to escape. the driver runs away not to intentionally escape but to avoid the rampage of the masses. He went to the parking lot of the bus in Wendit area, Pakis, Malang regency.