Analysis of Flood Causes in Langkat


Analysis of Flood Causes in Langkat

Flooding has occured in Langkat, North Sumatra on Tuesday, May 23, 2017. Floods occurred in 3 villages and 1 hamlet namely Lama Baru Hamlet, Lama Village, Harapan Baru Village and Harapan Jaya Subdistrict, the area is in Sei Lapan Subdistrict. Floods have occurred since the night until the morning. water levels vary from 50-100 cm. the flood did not damage the houses and there were no casualties in the incident.

In addition to the high rainfall factor, flood also caused by the overflowing of rivers that were exacerbated by the rupture of the embankment in Lama village, causing water to continue into the residential areas. 311 houses were reported to be flooded.

Residents who panic immediately save themselves while bring valuable items and farm animals. Citizens immediately seek a higher place in the region. BPBD with Indonesia Army / Indonesia Police have established a post in Lama Baru Village. The joint officer was already on guard at that location.

Hundreds of residents immediately fled safely while waiting for the flood receded.