Balloon Gas Tube Exploded in Tangerang


Balloon Gas Tube Exploded in Tangerang

Gas tube belonging to the balloon seller exploded in front of Bina Insani School, H Mansyur Street, Neroktog, Pinang Sub-district, Tangerang City, Banten, Wednesday (July, 17th 2017) around 09.00. As a result of the incident, dozens of students who were on the scene were injured and some students panic because of the explosion.

As a result of the incident, the balloon seller suffered severe burns, in the thighs and stomach. The seller name is Parto, 50 years old. Apart of balloon seller, at least 18 students of the school were also injured, the students have received treatment. One student treated at Tangerang City Local Hospital, 4 students were treated at Mulya Hospital Tangerang City and 14 students were treated in Jalan Mulya Hospital Tangerang City.

According to eyewitness information at the scene, before the incident happened, Parto the balloon seller was hanging near SMK Bina Insani, he was already surrounded by students who want to buy balloons. Because at that time SMK Bina Insani students is undergoing the orientation of school (MOS). MOS participants get orders from the committee to carry balloons in the school"s activities.

The balloon seller had asked some water to the people around. The water is used to cool the gas cylinders. Because many students are still buying, Parto has not had time to take water. Soon there was a very loud explosion.