Banten was hit again with 4,5 Magnitude Earthquake

By Webmaster November, 10 2016 Important Issue
Banten was hit again with 4,5 Magnitude Earthquake

After 5,8 magnitude earthquake hit Banten in Tuesday morning, again in Wednesday, 9th November, 2016 at 11:05 pm, according to a report from BMKG, Banten and West Java were hit by earthquake with a strength of 4.5 Magnitude. The epicenter is located in the 90 km southwest of Sukabumi with the depth of the earthquake is 29 km. From the analysis of  BMKG shake map, there are several regions in Banten and West Java who felt this earthquake, they were Cicatang bayah, Sawarna, Bantarkalapa, Ganesa, Pelabuhanratu, Cigombong, Ujunggenteng, Bantarpanjang, and Cikaret. According to reports in the area of ​​the earthquake can be felt and the people stay out of the house to save themselves.

This earthquake occured at sea and shallow depths, but only a little shock so there is no potential of tsunami. Based on the monitoring from BMKG website per 9 November 2016, 14:27 pm, there has been no aftershocks due South Banten, the people of the south coast of Banten and West Java is expected to remain quiet and calm.

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