BMKG: Equinox Phenomenon is a Natural Phenomenon

Jumat, 17 Maret 2017


BMKG: Equinox Phenomenon is a Natural Phenomenon

Responding to the amount of news spreading in the community about the air temperature in Indonesia can reach 40 ° C when equinox phenomenon occur, BMKG gives explanation to the public related to this phenomenon:

  •          Equinox is a phenomenon when the Sun across the equator and it occurs regularly 2 times a year, exactly on 21 March and 23 September.
  •          When this phenomenon takes place, temperatures in the earth are almost the same, including in some regions located in subtropical North and South areas.
  •          The existence of this phenomenon does not always cause the air temperature to increase drastically, the average maximum temperature in Indonesia as already known is ranged between 26-32 ° C.
  •          Equinox is not a Heatwave that has resulted in large and old air temperatures such as occured in Africa and the Middle East.
  •          BMKG gives an appeal to the public to not have to worry about the impact of this Equinox phenomenon as on issues that are spreading now.

Based on BMKG"s weather forecast data, Indonesia"s territory tends to be still humid, in some areas currently in transition or transition season. So people still need to be alert to changes in weather and outside conditions that are hot enough, and advised to increase the immune system and maintain family health as well as the environment.