Bulukumba besieged by Flood


Bulukumba besieged by Flood

Heavy rain that occurred with long periode of time has resulted in flood in Bulukumba district, South Sulawesi on Sunday May 28, 2017. Floods inundated bulukumba city center, almost all roads in bulukumba are floode. Water height varies from 30 to 100 cm. citizens activity is also disturbed by the disaster.

The incident caused a number of houses residents also flooded in water, especially in areas with more shallow irrigation channels. A number of streets such as DI Panjaitan, Suprapto, Jambu Street, Pasar Lama, Konsilidasi, half Samratulangi street in front of Mega Zanur Mall, Kenari street, and a number of other roads in Bulukumba are flooded.

The floods are getting bigger because many of the waterways are lower than the streets and the volume of water is enlarged when heavy rains hit Bulukumba

Based on Health Crisis Centre data, 608 residents were evacuated. In addition, there are also residents who try to save valuable items because the house has been flooded.