Deadly accident Happened again in Cipali


Deadly accident Happened again in Cipali

Deadly accidents on the Cipali Line happened again. This time the accident occurred in KM 132.600 Cipali Toll, Cirebon to Jakarta Line, precisely in the Cikawung Village, Terisi Subdistrict, Indramayu, on Friday, September 01, 2017. The accident involved two cars. As a result 5 people reportedly died.

This tragic accident occurred when the Kijang Super Car came from the direction of Cirebon to Jakarta on line B. At the scene, the car tire are exploded so the car shaky to the right and crossed to the opposite lane that is the path A. Then, the car collided with a minibus Daihatsu Xenia which coming from the opposite direction as a result 5 people died and 4 people suffered serious injuries. Furthermore, the victim was immediately taken to Cilameri Hospital subang for further treatment.

The driver of the Toyota Kijang minibus is suspected of not being able to control his vehicle when a tire broke out due to high speed. At the time of the incident, the road conditions are flat and straight asphalted two-lane four lanes divided by median grass soil.

The police have arrested the driver of Toyota Kijang Grand who was designated as a suspect.