Dozens of houses in Sumenep damaged caused by heavy winds


Dozens of houses in Sumenep damaged caused by heavy winds

On Monday, November 20, 2017 heavy wind hit five villages in Sumenep, Madura, East Java. As a result of the incident, dozens of houses and salt storage shed owned by one private company suffered severe damage. Areas that suffered severe damage was in Kertasada village. In addition, there are four other villages affected by winds namely Nambakor Village, Saronggi Village and Karanganyar Village, Marengan Laok, and Kalimo "ok in Kalianget Subdistrict.

Residents who know the incident immediately ran out from their house to save themselves. They also surprised by the incident, because at the time of the incident there is no rain or strong winds, just dark cloudy weather like it will rain.

The incident occurred at 2:30 pm directly devastated the house residents. In addition there was reportedly one people who suffered injuries due to falling debris from the roof of the house. a resident of Kerkop Hamlet. She suffered head injuries and is now outpatient from the Kalianget Health Center

Heavy winds attack from the west, precisely in Marengan Laok Village, Kalianget District. Strong winds along with the vortex of dark clouds continued to head east toward Kertasada Village, Kalianget Subdistrict, and hit the salt storage shed until it suffered severe damage.