Dozens of Residents of Food Poisoning in Buleleng


Dozens of Residents of Food Poisoning in Buleleng

Dozens of people have been poisoned after eating a meal on a haircut ceremony attached to a mawlid event at Pulau Selayar Street, Taman Sari, Kampung Baru Village, Buleleng, Bali on Sunday (17/12) night.

The incident started when the celebration event was held at 4.30 pm, while the guests came and enjoyed the food provided. But approximately at 7:10 pm while the event would finish because dozens of guests suddenly vomiting.

After consuming lemper and grape cake. Then after that one by one of them immediately complained of nausea to vomiting and dizzy.

Based on Health Crisis Center data, there were 29 people taket to three hospitals in Singaraja Town. Among them, nine people in Buleleng Hospital, nine people in Kerta Husada Singaraja Hospital and 11 people in Paramasidhi Singaraja Hospital, Buleleng.