Fire Incident in Surabaya, One Person Died


Fire Incident in Surabaya, One Person Died

There was a fire incident on Tales Street, Wonokromo District, Surabaya, on Saturday, August 12, 2017. As a result of the incident, dozens of houses burnt. The incident started around 6:00 pm, a man was filling the gasoline in bottles for sale, suddenly next door neighbor turned on LPG stove, then fire immediately hit the bottle of LPG gas. So the fire burned to other 18 house.

The incident was triggered from the stove that hit the gasoline. The fire immediately enlarged so citizens did not have time to extinguish, homeowners immediately scattered out to save themselves. The Fire so quickly burnt into other buildings of the house. The wind is also fast, so fire quickly burnt other homes

Surabaya City Fire Department (PMK) directly sent 18 units of firefighter trucks to extinguish the fire. As a result of the incident were also reported, 1 person died, 1 person seriously injured, 5 were slightly injured. The victims of minor injuries were taken to PKM Jagir and major injured casualties were brought to RSAL Surabaya. At least 114 people / 25 families in PKM Jagir must evacuate.

The incident happened in the densely populated area that made the officers have difficulty to extinguished fire. because the fire rapidly enlarged and spread to other people"s homes.