Fires in Meranti, 3 People Died


Fires in Meranti, 3 People Died

There has been a fire accident at Ismail Kampung Baryu Street, South Selat Panjang Village, West Tebing Tinggi District, Meranti Islands, Riau on Saturday, September 23, 2017 at 9.05 pm. The fires in the settlement were caused by electrical short circuit. As a result of the incident, 3 residents reportedly died, the victim is still member of the family that is mother and two children.

The fire resulted in 3 units of burning houses, 3 Household (KK) / 12 People affected. The fire was successfully extinguished at 11.00 pm. The body of the next victim was evacuated to RSUD Selat Panjang.

Based on information from witnesses, the victim died as a family living in a two-door tenement house, while the victim"s husband was reported was still outside. One family was previously thought to have slept soundly, while the husband was not at home at the time. The mother with her two children and a baby became the victim of the fire.

The incident started when neighbour saw the fire from next door and heard the shouting voice from the house, then he came out to help extinguish the fire.

But when trying to extinguish, the fire grew larger in the back of the house, and he and other people tried to extinguish the fire, because the availability extinguisher tools are difficult to extinguish and fire kept grow larger. Firefighters successfully extinguished fire at 11.00 pm.