First Aid In Food and Drug Poisoning

Kamis, 04 Mei 2017


First Aid In Food and Drug Poisoning

Eating in a fancy place does not guarantee the food is always hygienic and safe to eat. Sometimes food that enters the stomach mixes and shows an allergic reaction that can make a person experiencing poisoning. Unhygienic foods can cause poisoning, especially if the food age is too long and close to expiration date.

The characteristics that can be known when a person is poisoned is if the poison Arsenic then he attacks the intestine that causes the patient to experience diarrhea, kidney bleeding, nausea and vomiting. Meanwhile, if the result of drug poisoning then causes the body to become yellow because it attacks the liver and the patient can not urinate. So first aid can be done is to identify the symptoms of poisoning such as headache, stomach nausea, the body becomes cold and weak, usually this symptoms appear some time after eating or drinking something. After that immediately drink condensed milk or mineral water as much but can be known that young coconut water has been proven to have efficacy as a bidder and decomposer of toxic substances. Furthermore, if you want to vomit immediately vomit, but if not rest until conditions improve. If the condition remains unchanged within a few hours and shows more severe symptoms should be treated immediately by a medical expert.

As for other ways of treating people who suffered from food poisoning naturally include drinking tea, ginger water, eating pomegranate skin that has been grated smooth, aloe vera that has been processed into juice and yogurt that can cure vomiting and stomachache.