Five Sub District Flooded in Langkat, North Sumatra


Five Sub District Flooded in Langkat, North Sumatra

The high rainfall that hit Langkat, North Sumatra has resulted in flooding on November 6, 2017. In addition, the flood condition is further exacerbated by the overflow of Batang Serangan River. As a result of the incident, five sub-districts were reported to be inundated and thousands of people displaced.

The flood this time because the rainfall is high enough, causing the Lepan river to overflow other than that the broken embankment and broken before the previous flood has not been repaired

Based on data from Health Crisis Center, five districts were affected, among others:

- Kec.Sei Lepan: Kel.Harapan Jaya 48 kk affected, New Harapan Village 73 kk affected, New Lama Baru 156 kk affected, Desa Harapan Maju 60 kk affected

- Kec.Tanjungpura: Desa Pematang Cengal Barat 245 kk affected, Desa Pekubuan 201 kk affected, Baja Kluning Village 93 kk affected

- Kec.Padang Tualang: Desa Buluh Telang 27 kk is affected

- Kec.Babalan: Pelawi Selatan Village 100 kk affected, Desa North Securai 300 kk affected, Pelawi Utara Village 300 kk affected

- Kec.Sawit Seberang: Palm Village across 62 kk affected

Furthermore, residents whose homes were flooded immediately fled, In addition to displaced houses affected by floods based on temporary data there were 2,525 houses affected by floods, 978 hectares of agricultural land, six elementary schools, a madrassa unit, a house of worship.