Flash Floods in Padang Sidempuan

Rabu, 29 Maret 2017


Flash Floods in Padang Sidempuan

Heavy rain that occurred in the City Area of Padang Sidempuan, North Sumatra has resulted in the occurrence of flash floods. Almost every region in the area were hit by flash floods. Before the incident, the area was already hit by heavy rain. High intensity rain has made the Batang Ayumi River overflow and cause flash floods.

Based on the data of Health Crisis Center, in this incident 5 people died and dozens of houses damaged. And following the impact of banjir bandang in Padang Sidempuan

  •          Padang Sidempuan Batunadua Sub-district : 6 units of houses floated, 12 units damaged and 7 units cars damaged
  •          North Padang Sidempuan Sub-district : 3 units of houses floated and 3 houses damaged;
  •          Southern PSP Sub-district : 8 rented house floated
  •          Angkola Julu Sub-district: 2 units Houses damaged;
  •          Total Damage House = 17 units, Floated = 17 units and Vehicles 7 units;