Flood in Bima, Thousand of People Displaced


Flood in Bima, Thousand of People Displaced

Heavy rain that hit in the region of Bima City has resulted in flooding on March 26, 2017 Floods occurred in several villages with water levels reaching 50cm.

Heavy rain that occurred in the morning makes a number of a number of rivers in the city of Bima overflowed into the settlements of residents in several districts. Flooding began to enter the neighborhood around 05:00 pm local time. The floods had soaked several main roads in Bima City, flooding also resulted in at least 20 urban villages affected by the flood.

Major floods occurred in Penatoi and Sadia urban villages, the water level in the urban village was almost half a meter. The residents who lived in the bloodstream immediately fled to safety because of the increasing water debit, In addition to evacuate in the mosque, some residents choose to evacuate to the house of their relatives or survive to the second floor of each house.

Based on Health Crisis Center data reported about 4277 people displaced. Related institutions continue to make coordination efforts and also evacuation. In addition, the efforts undertaken by the District, were  distribution of packed rice and drinking water to the refugees and also evacuation.