Flood in Brebes Caused by Broken Pemali Dikes


Flood in Brebes Caused by Broken Pemali Dikes

Heavy rain with high intensity occurred in almost some areas in Indonesia. This resulted in the occurrence of floods and landslides. Flood also occurred in Brebes District on February, 16th 2017. The flood occurred because the collapse at two points of dike in Kedungtukang village which occurred at 04.00 WIB. and in the Terlangu village at 06.30 pm. the average water level is about 1 to 2 meters.

There are four points of embankment collapsed so that the water spilled into the rice field and residential areas. Residents fleeing in a safer place that is in Pharmacy YPIB Brebes High School and ex Restaurant of Mrs. Martiah. Estimated number of refugees was about 4000 people. There are two health office that are inundated by the flood, there were Sidamulya and Pemaron Health Office.

The number of refugees will increase due to the widespread flood, based on Health Crisis Center data, the number of refugees in Sports Arena reaches 1,075 people. In Pulosari there are 850 refugees, Wangandalem 200 people, Limbangan Kulon 300 people, Krasak 260 people, Terlangu 300 refugees, 500 parliamentary offices, Lengkong 1350 people, Oasis 65 people, and others at Wisma Saditan.

At least seven of the villages in Brebes and Jatibarang sub-districts are still flooded. Relevant agencies continue to make efforts to overcome these disasters such as providing logistical support and also assist the evacuation of victims.