Flood Strike East Lombok, Six Villages Isolated


Flood Strike East Lombok, Six Villages Isolated

Heavy rain that occurred in the area of ​​East Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara over the last few days has resulted in the flood disaster. Floods occurred on February 07, 2017, when the area was hit by heavy rain and strong winds. Flooding occurred in Sambalia District, East Lombok District.

The flood has resulted in several houses submerged by floods with water level reached about 50cm. due to the incident Two hamlets were isolated, Kuluh hamlets and batusela hamlet affected because the bridge was destroyed.  In addition, the floods have also resulted in 4 broken bridges that are connecting Menanga rea, Batusela, Kuluh and Belanting Hamlet. As a result there are about 6 isolated village, such as Dara Key village, Belanting Village, Obel-Obel Village, Madayi Village, Sembelia Village and Labupandan Village.

People also experience health problems, many people went to health posts. Generally they experience myalggia and itchy itching. Meanwhile, for the needs of flood disaster management both the logistics of drugs and other materials can still be filled by the East Lombok District Health Office.

This is the last data retrieved from Health Crisis Center :

Sambelia Village :

         11 Units of houses submerged in Sambelia Village

         Road access blocked

         Sambelia Bridge destroyed.

Sugian Village

         Kokok Pedek Bridge dike destroyed

         Road access blocked

         One elementary school (Heavily Damaged)

         One unit of house (Heavily Damaged)

        75 unit of houses (RR)

         Darakunci Village: Damrah mebangarea has been transformed into a river causing road access to be blocked

         Batusela hamlet road access disconnected (citizens isolated)