Floods in North Buton Drown 3 Villages


Floods in North Buton Drown 3 Villages

Heavy rain that flooded Southeast Sulawesi has resulted in floods in the West Kulisusu Sub-District, North Buton Regency on June 20, 2017 at 05.30 Central Indonesia Time. Floods hit three villages, Lapandewa Village, Lambale Village and Kotawo Village, consequently 445 families (Head of Family) residents have to evacuated to a safer place. This flood is the biggest flood that ever happened in North Buton District.

Flood also submerged 445 houses with water levels about 50 cm - 200 cm. floods that occur in the three villages vary greatly, some even there are only houses that look only its roof.

The local government has already sent aid and also evacuated residents. Currently the evacuation must use rubber boats because the water is still high plus the heavy rain that still occurs. Currently Officers still prioritize to bring citizens to a safer place.

The local government is already coordinating with related sectors and providing assistance. Currently the District Health Office has provided health services and provided food aid to the refugees.