Floods in Toli Toli, Thousands of Houses Submerged


Floods in Toli Toli, Thousands of Houses Submerged

The heavy rainfall in the region of Central Sulawesi resulted in a flood in Toli-Toli district on June 3, at 03.30 pm. The high rainfall caused the Tuwelei and Lembe rivers overflowed with water levels about 100-300 cm. In addition, the floods also soaked thousands of homes, public facilities, and agricultural land. Flood also caused 4 houses to drift away. And the Trans Sulawesi transport line are cut off completely.

Almost many roads are flooded and the vehicle can not pass because the water level is almost 1 meter. This flood is the most severe flood in Tolitoli District especially in Tambun Village.

There are still some areas that are difficult to reach because access roads is submerged and some community settlement point was cut off due to broken bridge and landslide.

Based on Health Crisis Center data, 4 people were reported dead. In addition, 56,000 households were affected by floods, 15 houses were drifted away, 3 government offices and 4 schools were flooded, and 1 bridge was broken.