Floods Make Hundreds of Displaced Persons


Floods Make Hundreds of Displaced Persons

Heavy rains that have occurred over the past few days have resulted in flood in Kudus District, Central Java on February, 09th 2017. As a result of these incidents, hundreds of residents houses from several sub-districts were flooded. There are about 200 houses flooded up to a height of 60-100 cm. floods occurred in Jati, Undaan, and Majebo District.

Based on  Health Crisis Center data, the total number of refugees reached 241 Head of Family (KK) / 765 people, including Teak Sub-district: 84 KK / 248 people evacuated in wetan village, Census Sub-district: 111 KK / 331 evacuated and Karangrowo Village, Mejobo Sub-district 46 KK / 182 souls evacuated in neighbor.

A number of residents were forced to flee because of the increasingly widespread floods plus water that has flooded their homes. puddles in the homes of citizens reaching 30 cm meanwhile on the road can reach 60 - 100 cm. At the refugee camp, residents receive some basic needs. The aid came from Kudus District, Social Service, BPBD, and private parties.

Some residents have returned to their homes to see the condition of the house and make sure the valuables at home remain safe. But residents are still not allowed to go home in anticipation of continued flooding due to heavy rain still flushed the area