Group Tour Bus Got an Accident, 2 People Died


Group Tour Bus Got an Accident, 2 People Died

Langsung Jaya Tour Bus which was carrying a group tour consists of 53 passengers from Boyolali got an accident in Bantul.. The accident occurred at Mangunan-Imogiri Street, Bantul. As a result two people died and some others were injured.

The single accident happened in Mangunan area, precisely at Bego Hill, Imogiri, Bantul Regency, Yogyakarta on Sunday (3/12/12). Based on the information, the bus was carrying passengers 53 people who are a group of PKK from the village of Gombang, District Sawit, Boyolali. The group was about to travel to the Pine Forest, Mangunan. At around 2:30 pm, when the group wanted to go to Depok Beach, the bus was shaky and then hit the hill.

Around 36 people consisting of adults and childrens suffered injuries and were immediately taken to Imogiri I Community Health Center, Nur Hidayah Hospital, Jetis and Panembahan Senopati Hospital for medical treatment. Unfortunately two of them were dead.

The residents in the location of the incident provide assistance to the victim and report directly to the police.