Health Crisis Response Information System Workshop 2019


Health Crisis Response Information System Workshop in 2019

One of the efforts to overcome the health crisis due to disasters is to monitor and report on health problems arising from disasters. Information reported includes the types of disasters that have occurred, the number of victims, damaged health facilities and health crisis management efforts that have been carried out.

In order to increase the knowledge, understanding, and capabilities of human resources in the regions related to reporting and management of information systems in response to disaster/health crises, the Health Crisis Center this year conducted a Health Crisis Response Information System Workshop at Aston Priority Hotel, Jakarta.

This activity was attended by 40 participants from disaster-prone District / City Health Services. The speakers who attended the information system workshop were the National Disaster Management Agency (BNPB), Ministry of Health Communication and Service Bureau, Crisis and Information Media Center. The material presented included the Health Crisis Management Policy, the Role of the Health Crisis Management Information System, the Health Crisis Management Information System Policy, Risk Communication for Health Crisis Management, and the use of E-PKK applications in increasing the speed of reporting of health crisis events in era 4.0 (big data).

In this activity, participants were given a presentation by the resource person, and a web-based Information System and android application reporting simulation were conducted so that participants understood how the flow in the Crisis Response Information System was running.