Heavy rain, North Sulawesi submerged Flood and Thousands of Refugees


Heavy rain, North Sulawesi submerged Flood and Thousands of Refugees

North Sulawesi was washed down by heavy rainfall with the long duration and caused some places to be flooded, such as in Manado City in North Gorontalo, Sulawesi. 20 sub-districts and 7 sub-districts in Manado are submerged, namely Tumimping, Singkil, Paldua, Paal Dua, Bunaken Darat, Tikala and Wenang sub-districts on Thursday, Januari 26th, 2017.

The overflowing Tondano River is not accompanied by good drainage suspected to be the culprit of the flood this time. In addition to floods, landslides also occur in some places. It was also reported that more than 1,000 housing units and 1,800 people were displaced in places of worship, relatives, and to safer places.

From the data collected by the Health Crisis Center, in North Gorontalo, there were floods that caused 3 submerged sub-districts of Sumalata, Tolinggula, and Biau sub-districts, which caused 265 residents to evacuate to safer places. More than 800 hectares of rice fields and 17 school buildings were also flooded.

Some aid such as medicines, the establishment of health posts, as well as logistics such as fast food, blankets and drinking water continue to be channeled to flood-affected areas. Data collection is also continuously carried out by the relevant agencies to continuously monitor and see the needs and actions that must be done with the flood this time.