Heavy Rain Triggers Landslide in Cianjur

Jumat, 17 Maret 2017


Heavy Rain Triggers Landslide in Cianjur

Landslides occurred in Cianjur due to heavy rain that hit Cianjur region since March, 17 2017 has made floods and landslides in several areas.

Based on data from the Health Crisis Center, 2 Heads of Families (KK) in Pagermaneuh Village had to evacuate. While in the village of Mekarsari 3 heads of families evacuated in Cimenteng elementary school and in Cikahuripan Village, 15 families evacuated  to their relative place. In addition, 17 house units were threatened (from data collection), 1 unit of flooded houses and 3 units of damaged houses. It was reported that 1 person died from a landslide.

The floods and landslides occured simultaneously. This is because this area still experiencing heavy rain. In addition to floods and landslides in two sub-districts, the landslide also occurred in Gunung Puntang Cilengsir Block Kampung Cibarengkok RT 01/08 Cikahuripan Village Gekbrong District landslide. Soil material stockpile area owned by citizens.