Heavy winds damaged dozens of Houses in Bireun


Heavy winds damaged dozens of Houses in Bireun

On Wednesday afternoon (7/12) Bireun region hit by rain accompanied by strong winds. As a result, dozens of houses in Jangka and Peusang sub-district were damaged by strong winds. About 84 people evacuated to Meunasah Tanah Anoe Village. In addition, the wind also damaged 24 houses, 7 units of shophouses, and 47 businesses damaged.

This wind disaster occurred at around 4:30 pm, the incident happened so fast. Before the hurricane hit people"s houses, heavy rain had flushed. Suddenly wind came and hit people"s houses.

Here are the data of affected areas based on Health Crisis Center Data:

Jangka sub-district: Tanoh Anoe Village 9 units of damaged houses and 8 shophouses damaged and 13 heavily damaged warehouse, Tanjongan Village 1 unit of damaged house, 15 heavily damaged warehouse, Aluebie Pusong Village 13 heavily damaged warehouse, Aluebie Jangka Village 1 unit of damaged house, Alue Buya Gampong Village 1 unit of damaged house and Peusangan sub-district: Pu Puek 1 Village unit of damaged house.

Subsequently, the victims were immediately evacuated to safe place. Several related agencies have arrived to provide assistance to the residents. There are also some residents who are temporarily in emergency tents.