How to Overcome Flood Disaster


How to Overcome Flood Disaster

Prolonged heavy rainfall can lead to flood disasters that often hit Indonesia region. Unavoidable floods can damage the environment and the residence which can lead to a health crisis.

Here are some ways to overcome flood disaster:

  • Creating river and sewer and make sure they works well. Rivers and sewers are where the water flows so try to not to be polluted with garbage or turned into a garbage dump that eventually causes the stream and sewer to become clogged.
  • Reforestation of plants, especially with types of plants and trees that can absorb water quickly.
  • Reproduce and provide open land to create green land as a water absorption site.
  • Stop building housing on the banks of the river, because it will lead to narrowing of the river.
  • Stop building high and sophisticated buildings that will cause the earth more difficult to withstand the burden and the resistant surface is getting down.
  • Avoid illegal logging and cutting trees on the riverbank, as trees function to absorb water to prevent floods.

Flood prevention to community can prevent flood disaster. This can be done to reduce the flood disaster that often happens in Indonesia.