Hundreds of Houses Damaged by Flash Flood in South Solok


Hundreds of Houses Damaged by Flash Flood in South Solok

Flash flood disaster occurs in South Solok Regency. Due to heavy rain that occurred in the area resulted in a flash flood that hit four hamlets in Nagari Pakan Rabaa Tengah, Koto Parik Gadang Diateh District, Solok Selatan District, West Sumatra. Four villages affected by flash floods, such as, Jorong Bancah Anak Lolo, Batang Lolo Atas, Batu Kulambai, and Batang Lolo, South Solok, West Sumatra.

Flash floods that occurred on Thursday, September 14, 2017 at 20:30 pm resulted in about 300 houses filled with water and mud with a height 75 centimetre.

As a result of the incident, hundreds of houses and streets covered in mud and logs. In addition, the Sumatra roadway is also covered with mud with a height 40 centimetre.

Based on the Health Crisis Centre data as for the damaged houses: 42 units seriously damaged, 6 units moderate damaged, 90 units Light Damaged,

Furthermore, related cross sectors and volunteers perform emergency handling. Evacuation of residents conducted during this incident.

In addition, Public Health Center and South Solok District of Health Office opened a Health Service Post and Conduct Monitoring and Coordination with related cross sectors.