Improving Performance and Motivation of Health Crisis Center Employees


Improving Performance and Motivation of Health Crisis Center Employees

The Health Crisis Center held activities aimed at improving the performance, motivation and competence of employees of the Health Crisis Center with varying backgrounds, in order to build motivation and teamwork so as to establish good relationships among employees in implementing disaster risk reduction efforts.

The event was held at Grand Zuri Malioboro Yogyakarta Hotel on 19 to 22 April 2017 followed by all employees, including honorary staff. Activities are expected to provide benefits for building self-potential and teamwork so as to understand existing task issues and be able to find solutions to an efficient and effective solution.

In the activity for increasing motivation, performance and competency of Health Crisis Center employee, this event consist of 2 sub activities that will increase of motivation and performance of employees and improvement of employee competence which contains training and workshop held outside Health Crisis Center which can help employees of Health Crisis Center to improve knowledge and skills.

A 4-day series of events filled with meetings, visits to the resin farm to increase knowledge about planting skills with hydroponic methods and visits to Borobudur Temple filled with activities to build teamwork. This activity ended with a visit to the beach and Purworejo mangroove forest.