Klotok Boat Sinking, 3 Person Died


Klotok Boat Sinking, 3 Person Died

There was a klotok boat accident in the Barito River, Barito Kuala District On Monday, August 21, 2017. The accident took place where the victims were crossing the Barito river after working on the docking log area of ​​PT TSMJ, near Barito Bridge, Barito Kuala District, South Kalimantan. Just 20 minutes riding klotok, big waves hit the boat workers.

After a search by the Evacuation Team, all the victims have been found. Three of them died and six survived four people found in a conscious state and two were limp.

The victim"s body was immediately evacuated to Ulin General Hospital, Banjarmasin.

The victims did live in one hostel. At the time of the incident, the victims were not working, they used the boat to go to the ATM and shop.