Land Movement occurred in Purworejo, Hundreds of People Displaced

Jumat, 22 Desember 2017


Land Movement occurred in Purworejo, Hundreds of People Displaced

Heavy rain with a long enough intensity that occurred in Purworejo District, Central Java for the last few days has caused the phenomenon of land movement in the Village Pakem Gebang Subdistrict, Purworejo District on Tuesday morning at December 19, 2017. But now the movement of land is expanded and hit 6 villages.

The 6 villages affected by the land movement include 3 villages in Gebang sub-district, one village in Purworejo sub-district, one village in Bener sub-district, and one village in Loano sub-district.

There were no casualties in the incident. Based on Health Crisis Center data, 650 residents have to evacuate to safe place. Most details of the number of refugees are:

  • Bener sub-district, Kaliwaer village : 14 units of houses were damaged, 192 people displaced
  • Gebang sub-district : 364 people displaced
  • Purworejo sub-district : 34 people displaced
  • Bruno sub-district : 54 people displaced.

This phenomenon also made dozens of houses damaged and hundreds more threatened. The phenomenon caused damage to the floor and walls cracked, other road infrastructure also damaged.