Landscape Detection Tool Made by Indonesian Researchers More Globally


Landscape Detection Tool Made by Indonesian Researchers More Globally

Landslides are one of the most frequent natural disasters in Indonesia. Recorded Indonesia had several times hit by a massive landslide that killed many people and destroyed many homes and infrastructure. Walaudemikian, in line with the development of tekonologi now many created early detection of landslides to minimize this disaster.

Landslides detection tool created by many Indonesian researchers, one of them is Teuku Faisal Fathani, researcher and inventor of landslide detection equipment from Gadjah Mada University. He was inspired by the Japanese earthquake detection instrument brought by Japan International Coorporation Agency (JICA) when tackling the landslide disaster in Indonesia in 1999.

After that time, Faisal plans to create a landslide detector instrument called GAMA-EWS. Initially he had experienced difficulties from the electronic side, then he also invited students majoring in Electrical Engineering UGM to help. As a result, in 2007 Faisal and the team succeeded in creating a first generation landslide early detection tool that the ground movement reading is still manual.

Over time, he continues to develop the landslide detection tool. Now detection tool detection is no longer manual. In the second generation GAMA-EWS is equipped with paper, so that every movement of the ground, this tool will issue a note that can be read on paper.

Then he increasingly innovate by creating a third-generation aviation early detection tool using telemetry or wireless technology. Thus, landslide warning can be obtained through short messages, internet modem, and radio frequency.