Landslide caused 300 people evacuated in Karanganyar


Landslide caused 300 people evacuated in Karanganyar

Heavy rain with a long time has resulted in a landslide in the Tawangmangu, Karanganyar, on December 10, 2017, 8.30 pm. As a result of the incident there are about 300 people evacuated to safe place for fear of aftershocks.

The landslide occurred at five places after heavy rains flushed the area. Residents were evacuated to schools and homes of their closest relatives that were considered safe.

The biggest landslide occurred in Nglurah Street, Ledoksari. The landslide are about 30 meters long with a five meter high landslide hill. As a result, landslide material closed the access Ledoksari - Nglurah road. Not only that, landslide material also closed some waterways causing flooded

In addition, Karanganyar National Disaster Agency also continue to appeal to the people who are around the location to remain in the refugee camp. Because conditions are still raining and afraid of aftershocks.

The process of clearing the former landslide can not be done using the machine. One consideration is access to the location. The road to the landslide location is quite steep, uphill and downhill steep.