Landslide Hits Two Villages in Minahasa

By Webmaster December, 20 2017 Important Issue
Landslide Hits Two Villages in Minahasa

Heavy rain that occurred in Minahasa district, North Sulawesi has resulted in the occurrence of landslide disaster on December 17, 2017 at 2.10 pm. Landslides occurred in Pineleng and Tombulu sub-districts. As a result of the incident dozens of residents were forced to evacuate.

Based on Health Crisis Center data, the impact of the landslide are:
Kali Village: 2 KK / 12 people affected and 13 household displaced.
Tikela Village: 14 HHs displaced, 33 KK / 116 people affected and total affected population were 128 people.
In the Kali village there were six points of landslides and caused one unit of the house was severely damaged, one unit was slightly damaged and one school unit also slightly damaged.

Then in Tikela Village landslide material caused one unit of the house was severely damaged, and two houses were lightly damaged.

In addition, the landslide also occurred at some point of the road that were Tombuluan-Kamangta road segment which there is one point causing access to the road closed, but luckyly access to road out of both villages still exist. In Kali Village Pineleng there also a point of landslide that covered the whole road part.


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