Landslide in Buleleng, 1 Stone Miners Died

Minggu, 03 September 2017


Landslide in Buleleng, 1 Stone Miners Died

Landslide disaster occurred in Alapsari Hamlet, Pacung Village, Tejakula Subdistrict, Buleleng District on Sunday September 3, 2017. As a result of the incident, three stone miners were buried in landslides, one of them died. The next victim was immediately evacuated at 3.30 pm. Furthermore, the victim was immediately taken to Buleleng Hospital.

According to the victim"s information, the accident occurred when they returned to work after the break to collect the rock stones, at that time two victims were in the middle of a quarry, one of them transported quarry stone to other locations. When one of them had just walked out the excavation location, suddenly there was a landslide at the rock search location.

Then victim shouted for help from the people. But the condition of the victims already pinned by rocks. One person survived and one person died at this incident. The evacuation was carried out by the Regional Disaster Management Agency (BPBD) of Buleleng and assisted by local residents.