Landslide in Cililin, West Bandung


Landslide in Cililin, West Bandung

Heavy rain with a long time has resulted in floods and landslides in some areas of Indonesia. One of them occurred in Bandung District. Landslide occurred in Cililin, West Bandung District. The landslide occurred on March 10, 2017 due to the overflowing water condition from Mount Geger Pulus, thus making the soil unable to withstand the overflow of water and the movement of the soil that resulted in the residential landslide.

Based on Health Crisis Center data, the land on the slopes of Mount Geger Pulus collapsed into the walls of three houses owned by Onih, Amin, and Asep Suratmin. Asep Suratmin and Cecep were also severely injured by landslides and rocks

As a result of the incident some of the houses were damaged and 3 people severely injured. Wounded on the name, Heru (30), Cecep (24), and Suparmin (45). Each wounded person suffered injuries to the hands, feet and head.

In addition, residents living in the location of the incident immediately evacuated to safety because of fear of landslides following the heavy rain occurred in the region. the number of refugees reached 151 people.