Landslide in East Luwu, 7 People Died


Landslide in East Luwu, 7 People Died

Heavy rain with long intensity has caused a landslide disaster in Harapan Makmur I Hamlet, Maliwowo Village, Angkona Sub-district, East Luwu District, on Friday, May 12, 2017, at around 5:30 pm. The incident happened quite quickly, the landslide is piling up houses and caused seven people buried.

Based on the Health Crisis Center data, the death toll consists of 7 people. Meanwhile, the number of seriously injured victims was 11 people.

The victims died immediately were evacuated by the East Luwu Disaster Management Agency (BPBD). The process of evacuation of victims was stopped because of heavy rain that still flushed the area. The landslide also blocked the Trans-Sulawesi Southeast Road.

In the evacuation process also took down the heavy equipment, there are 4 excavators that are lowered to assist the evacuation process.