Landslide in Garut Tourist Attraction Killed 1 Person


Landslide in Garut Tourist Attraction Killed 1 Person

Landslide occurred in the tourist area of Curug Cigandi, Hegarmanah Village, Bayongbong Sub-district, Garut District. The incident occurred April 09, 2017 at 14:30 pm. The incident started when 8 students traveled to Ciganti waterfall and did selfie when heavy rain occured, suddenly it caused landslides and fallen trees.

The fallen trees befall 2 girls, 1 of them died which was Siti Halimah (16) resident of Nangerang village Ciela Village, Malangbong Sub-district. and the other one injured child suffered a broken left shoulder the other 6 students survived.

Casualties were taken to Bayongbong health center, seriously injured for treatment, while the dead victim waiting for his family to be brought home. All victims were immediately evacuated to Bayongbong Public Health Center.

The incident occurred in the short moment, before the incident, the area was settled by heavy rain. But when the victims are enjoying the waterfall in Curug suddenly landslide occurred from a height of 30 meters from the waterfall. The landslide dragged the large trees and hit the victims who were enjoying the tour at the location.