Landslide in Jember Buried Three People


Landslide in Jember Hoards Three People

Long intensity rain triggered a landslide disaster in Dusun Kedungliyer, Jambesari Village, Sumberbaru District, Jember District on Monday, October 16, 2017 heavy rain that occurred from at 4.00 to 20.00 pm

Landslides hit two units of house. One house was heavily damaged and one house was buried. There are about 2 Household / 47 People displaced in village hall and family home. Reportedly 3 people died in this incident.

At the time of the incident the victim"s condition has not been found by officer whom doing search involves BPBD Officer and assisted by the community.

Beside burying house, landslides also buried a number of farm animals, Two cows and 12 goats owned by residents were reported to have died from a landslide struck. The landslide is due to continuous rainfall since noon. As a result, the land on the slopes of Mt. Argopuro can not hold back the swift water.

The area is an area prone to landslides. It is possible to occurred especially if heavy rain continuously.