Landslide in Magelang District


Landslide in Magelang District

On 1st March, 2017 there has been a landslide disaster in Bego Pendem area, Jamburejo Hamlet, Kemiren Village, Srumbung District, Magelang Regency. Based on Health Crisis Center data in reported 2 people died at this incident. Both victims are married couples, residents of Santren Hamlet, Gunungpring Village, Muntilan District, Magelang District.

The location of the landslide is located in the mining area of ​​C Excavation in the form of cliffs on the slopes of Mount Merapi. At the time of the incident, the condition was washed down by heavy rain. The high intensity of rain triggered the occurrence of this disaster.

Heavy rain that occurred triggered the movement of the soil until the occurrence of landslides. At the time of the incident, the two victims were doing mining activities. But due to a 5-meter-high rainfall, sand and rock material hit them. Two of the dead were taken to Muntilan Hospital

But because of the difficult terrain, making the evacuation process difficult. An ambulance could not reach the location. So both victims were taken by truck.