Landslide in Pesisir Selatan, One Project Worker Died


Landslide in Pesisir Selatan, One Project Worker Died

There has been a landslide on the Painan-Kambang National Road Widening Hill, precisely Ransam Kenagarian Painan Selatan Hill, IV Jurai Sub-district, Pesisir Selatan District on Saturday October 14, 2017. Landslide occurred around climbing RCTI hill. As a result of the incident a workers the Painan-Kambang National road project, died, due to buried by soil, around RCTI hill.

The incident occurred at around 4.30 pm. The victim was known who was one of the project supervisors at PT Yasa Conbloc. The victim died as a result of the falling soils. At the time of the incident, the victim was in the location of the excavator area that was excavating the ground.

When the incident happened, the victim was supervising the provincial road widening project. But unluckily the land in the location of landslided and buried victim. A friend of the victim immediately tried to save the victim, but due to many landslides, the victim"s life was not helped anymore.

The victims were buried in landslides stacks of approximately 30 minutes. The victim was evacuated for a long time. Then the next victim was taken directly to M. Zein Painan Local Hospital to lied down.