MoH Secretary-General Roadshow to The Center for Health Crisis


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On January 28, 2019, Secretary-General of the Indonesian Ministry of Health, drg. Oscar Primadi, MPH, conducted a roadshow to the Health Crisis Center. This was the first visit after the Health Crisis Center which was previously held at Adhyatma Building moved to the 6th floor of Prof. Sujudi Building. The visit was welcomed by the Director of the Center for Health Crisis, Dr. Achmad Yurianto.

The roadshow began with the presentation of the Director of the Health Crisis Center regarding the program and activities of the Health Crisis Center during 2018 and the work plan in 2019. After that, it was followed by a briefing given by Secretary-General. He conveyed an appeal to all staff of the Health Crisis Center to increase the sense of crisis so that they could respond and cope with the health crisis quickly, effectively, and efficiently. He also appreciates the performance of the Center for Health Crisis. He Hopes that the Health Crisis Center will further improve its performance.

In this roadshow, the Secretary-General reviewed the monitoring and information room and he was impressed with the facilities in the room. Appreciation is also for the Android-based health crisis response information systems that can be used by health workers and volunteers to report disaster events more easily in affected locations. The roadshow activity ended with a group photo.