One Family Died Due To Genset Smoke Poisoning


One Family Died Due To Genset Smoke Poisoning

One family died due to gas poisoning from generator set in Ulak Lebar Subdistrict, Lubuklinggau West II District, Friday October 6, 2017. The death causes were suspected as a result of carbon monoxide poisoning (CO) from generating genset. Because at the time of the incident there is a power outage by PLN.

The victims died from inhaling carbon monoxide from the genset smoke during the night

Based on the testimony of the witness, the father who died, was found with a supine position near the door of the room. Around the tube was also found many ex vomit.

Meanwhile, his wife was found in a supine position in the kitchen. His son, M Fahri, was found in a supine position and his mouth took out foam or fluid, while M Afif was found in the room.

The victim was first discovered by younger brother of victim. At that time, he knocked on the door and the window of the house, but there was no answer at all. Suspicious, he then prying the front window of the house by using a crowbar and then into the house.

He was surprised when he saw the body of his nephew, already lying in the room with the condition still secreted foam. Then around the victim also many ex vomit. Then he looked into the room and see his smallest nephew lying on the rear bed mattress.

When found, his nephew was still alive so he asks for help from residents to bring to the hospital. But his life was not helped and reportedly died.