Promotion and Rotation of Officials at the Health Crisis Center

Jumat, 11 Agustus 2017


Promotion and Rotation of Officials at the Health Crisis Center

Inauguration of Officials within the Ministry of Health is a follow-up process of organizational structuring within the Ministry of Health, in accordance with Minister of Health Regulation No. 64 of 2015 on the organization and working procedures of the new Ministry of Health.

Structuring or organizational restructuring is one effort to improve the performance and effectiveness of the organization based on the evaluation of duties and functions of work units within the Ministry of Health.

The inauguration of officials, through rotation and promotion on Wednesday 9 August 2017 took place at the Health Crisis Center. dr. Yudhi Pramono, the previous MARS Head of Subproject promotion program became Head of Administration. Setiorini, SKM, MKM Mitigation Prevention and Preparedness field staff are promoted in the position of Head of Sub Division of Program replacing dr. Yudhi Pramono. While dr. Indro Murwoko, formerly Head of Administration Division of Health Crisis Center, moved to Haji Health Center to become Head of Resources Utilization and Facilitation of Haj Health Services. The inauguration is coupled with the signing of the Integrity Pact and the handover of positions.