Rescue Operation of Purworejo Landslide Discontinued, 4 People Still Missing


Rescue Operation in Purworejo Landslide Discontinued, 4 People Still Missing

After 7 days doing searching for victims of landslides by SAR and other joint team in Purworejo, on Friday (24/June/2016) at 3:09 PM this operation was discontinued. Regent of Purworejo announced SAR operations of SAR, BPBDs, Volunteer, Army, Police and volunteers for victims of landslides in Hamlet and Hamlet Donorati Caok was discontinued. A total of 43 people died at 39 died in a landslide and 4 died due to flood in Purworejo. 3 people still listed as missing that were in the village, 1 person in Caok Village, and 2 persons were in Donorati. In a meeting between the Regent, the officials, Muspida, Headman, community leaders and heirs, stating that the family from missing person already heartfelted for victims who still missing.

Regent Purworejo has announced the emergency response period for 30 days, from June 19, 2016 until July 18, 2016. 353 refugees consists of 143 people in Wironatan village and 210 people in Jelok village. About 143 houses were damaged include 63 houses seriously damaged, 38 houses were damaged, and 42 homes with minor damage. Damaged houses and infrastructure due to floods and landslides in Purworejo district is estimated at Rp 15.73 billion.

Meanwhile in Kebumen on Thursday (06/23/2016) at around 11:30 2 victims were found of landslide in Sempor village which existed in Sampang District, 7 victims died in flood and landslides and 1 person is still missing. Regent of Banjarnegara has set the emergency response period for 30 days from June, 19 2016 until July, 18 2016.

In Banjarnegara there are 6 people died because of landslides and all the victims have been found. While in Kebumen there are 5 people were died by flood and landslides, and 3 people missing was buried by landslides. In Rembang, Sukoharjo and Banyumas each of the people dead caused by flood.

Thus, the total dead victims from flood and landslides in Central Java Province is 59 people died, 4 people missing, and 22 people were injured.

Sutopo Purwo Nugroho

Head of Data Information and Public Relations of BNPB (National Disaster Agency)